Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

Art Leaders Gallery is proud to offer one of the largest Dr. Seuss collections in the country. We have many rare and sold-out pieces in stock at the gallery, even when pieces are no longer available from the Dr. Seuss estate.

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Theodor Seuss Geisel, or Dr. Seuss, not only created wonderfully popular children’s books, but also stunning, rare, artworks he called his “midnight paintings.”  In addition, he mastered a need for Fine Art Concepts in his paintings which shifted his children stories into adult ideas. Throughout his incredibly famous career, Seuss did not want his secret artworks to distract from his Children Illustrations.  Now, these artworks can be collected for all audiences to enjoy.

Dr. Seuss traveled the world and built his knowledge for fine art by studying the same concepts as Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miro. In addition, he studied in Paris where he developed his cubist and surrealist style throughout his own “Seussian” characters. His artworks reflect his fun, energetic, creative style but also focus on these historical Art Movements.  The Art of Dr. Seuss offers a wide selection of colors, whimsical locations, and wonderful characters.  Furthermore, these artworks entice all audiences by telling stories and reflecting Dr. Seuss’ childhood, and adult career as a marketing illustrator.  His artworks keep evolving with the times, making Dr. Seuss one of the most popular artists in the world.

Not only, did he want to tell stories through his paintings, but also discovered his passion for making his whimsical characters into sculptures.  Dr. Seuss’ Unorthodox Taxidermy is a grouping of fantastic, imaginary animals, that depict his connection to Zoo animals when he was a child.  In addition, his father was a superintendent of the Zoo.  This allowed his father to give him beaks, horns, antlers, and bills to create these stunning, fun taxidermies.  Lastly, he mounted these animals onto wood backings to be displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Dr. Seuss’ paintings, Unorthodox Taxidermy and Bronze Sculptures can all be discovered at Art Leaders Gallery.  They are extremely creative, full of storytelling, and wonderful additions to anyone’s art collection. Furthermore, these rare pieces of artwork come with a certificate of authentication, and a story that Seuss is portraying.  Lastly, contact to obtain one of these stunning pieces of art.



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